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Success story of a futa graduate that graduated with CGPA Of 4.68

•From 3.80 to 4.68

The 20th day of December, 2019 was a very special day for me as I was awarded a First Class Honors, Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in Accounting, Federal University of Technology Akure.

To the glory of God, I entered FUTA on 3rd of December 2015 as an undergraduate. I had a four man squad and we all strived to be successful. In a nutshell, first semester result 100 level result was out and it happened that I had the lowest GPA of 3.80 in the squad. I was so disheartened that I had the lowest GPA and I was a bit happy that I didn’t scored too low � despite my political office as NUASA pioneer General Secretary (with Aluta-P led executive) and my position as the National President, Jnr/Int RAN. I informed a brother, Bosun Egberinde of the situation at hand and he encouraged and motivated me to keep moving and aim high.

Second semester 100 level result was released, I had 4.44 (was so annoyed because I had a C in CSC102, a three unit course which hindered my chance of making a first class that semester). I will never forget, a friend out of the 4 man squad who made a statement that struck a cord in me, he actually had a ‘B’ in a 4 unit course and he was like, “if ordinary BBM could have an ‘A’ BIO 102, then he should definitely have more than that” (with the impression that he is far better than me). This drove me high and mad �.
200 level first semester, I started reading for an average of *8 hours in a day and once read for 16 hours on a stretch.* Guess what, I had a 5.00 that semester.

We were two that actually had the 5.00 then and that was the first of its kind in Accounting and the faculty, SMAT (except IT report) according to history. I was so amazed because in 4 of 9 of the courses, I had 70 -72 (A). (Isn’t God faithful? ���). The news went viral throughout the faculty and we became the talk of the devil for a while.

Not to bore you with this long story, Second semester 200 level, I had 4.67. I actually spent my lecture free week at a National camp ☹. God is good!

First Semester 300 level, I had 4.63; was scared of dropping because I started my professional exam ICAN-ATS in that semester and officially launched my enterprise, BBM WORLD (Graphics Design).

Second semester 300 level, only had 11 days to prepare for school exam due to my second stage of my professional exam, but guess what, I made a 5.00 as well �. First Semester 400 level, again, I made a 5.00. It was a back to back, hit to hit �. Should I burst your burble? I wasn’t in school in the first week of exam, I was in Lagos for my ICAN-ATS induction, also represented the university in an inter-university competition (Annual Conference for Accountant at JABU) yet, God did it. And in the last semester, 400 level second semester, I had 4.88 (a 3 unit course actually hindered me from having a 5.00 for the fourth time. I had a ‘B’ ☹.

However, I bless God because only 6 out of about 95 students had an ‘A’ in a 6 unit project � and I was honoured to be among them. Also represented FUTA at an inter-university summit or competition at OAU in October which lead to a competition/teasing between OAU and FUTA (#OAUvsFUTA on tweeter). I and my team made them know that FUTA is the best!.

Today, I graduated as the 5th best graduating student in the department of Accounting with a CGPA of 4.68 from 3.80 of 5.00 scale.
_I am a true product of Grace._

*Charge:* In whatever thing you do, strive to be the best. Yes, the best!

Babatunde Babajide M. Bs.c (Akure), AAT.*
Accountant | Financial Analyst | Project/Data Analyst | Graphics Designer | Debater | Academician | Public Speaker | Curator | Entrepreneur