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Banking Episode 17-20

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EP 17

When the younger fellows are in their various swimming costumes, it was obvious it was time for the
pool game at the Williams’ pool.
The swimming pool was at the back of hall, and it was 25 metres long and 10 metres wide. With a depth
of 10 feet, it was covered with blue tiles.
While the participants, most the younger ones, are preparing for the game, the older folks were
officiating. Those who were not officiating nor swimming joined the spectators’ crew.
Among the spectators was Deji’s mother, Ireti, who was sitting with the hostess, the reigning
Commissioner for Women Affairs, Mrs Aishat Makkafi and two other important dignitaries.
These calibre of people she was sitting with would be surprised if they could read her mind. Ireti had
been furious the second she set her eyes on Nike. The low-life who ruined her son’s life. Well, almost did.
She was glad she took care of it and believed it was permanent. But that seem not to be the case.
Ireti would have been less worried if her own son had listened to her and married Nike on time. Her
plans to get his son to marry Nike, the daughter of one of the Billionaires in the country is now being
threatened by the sudden appearance of Nike.
Having learnt from Bunmi that Nike will be staying with them for the time being, Ireti knew she had to
come up with somewhat of a plan to reduce the chances of her son getting involved with the untamed
little girl from Ife.
Why does she have to do this whole shebang again? After what she had done to the girl in the Ife, she
had expected her son to stay away from her completely. Coincidence was not even an excuse, Deji was
suppose despise her forever.
What a terrible luck that Nike turned out to be related to the hostess. After another glance at Nike, Ireti
grudgingly admitted to herself that the girl cleaned up nicely. Nike was beautiful and Ireti could
understand to a certain extent why Deji found her attractive. But she was still unsuitable for her son,
A question from Mrs Williams brought Ireti’s attention back to the pool game, ‘’where is your son,
Queen?’’ She was one of the few close friends that still calls her by her former title.
She scan through the contestants of the game and noticed his son, the defending champion, was not
there. ‘’I’m sure he’s around somewhere.’’
Deji had won the last two swimming games at the Williams’. He had Aremu to thank for that. Back at Ife,
Aremu, a native of Ilaje, a small town in Ondo would go with Deji to a stream at Lagere every evening to swim. Initially, Deji was afraid to swim for the fear of being drown, but with time he became a very good
swimmer. He once boasted as being as good as Michael Phelps.

EP 18

He didn’t prepare much for the game, but he was pretty sure of winning.
He was on his way to the pool when his butler brought the phone to him. ‘’It’s Uju from the office.’’ Aremu announced.
Deji barely nodded and collected the mobile device. Uju and Amanda had discovered the error which
resulted in the latter’s imbalance account the previous day.
They had found out that Amanda had credited
four hundred and fifty thousand naira into an account with the name Peter Brian instead of forty-five
thousand naira.
He was bothered when he got to know that the customer in question wiped out all the money in his
account, leaving the minimum balance immediately the erroneous credit was made. Uju also informed
him the customer had refused picking her calls. Deji told her they will figure a way to meet him on
He dropped the call and handed the phone to Aremu.
He approached the pool to join the second set of participants who were standing beside it. A man, the
drunkard he had seen earlier ran past him and before the security men could stop him he had jumped
into the water.
The first set of the contestants were already in the pool. This resulted in the drunk man colliding with
one of the men in the pool, and also hitting slightly, Nike, causing her to lose balance and almost
Before anyone else, Deji had dived into the pool to rescue. ‘’Are you alright?’’ he asked as he reached for
‘’Deji?’’ she gasped, looking up at him.
‘’Yes, it’s me’’ he responded, wrapping one arm around her waist and pulling her close to his chest.
“Are you okay, Nike?’’ he repeated more softly, close to her ear, his lips brushing lightly across her wet chick.
She nodded, not saying a word. Although she was not hurt, he knew he needed to get her out of the
pool. Lifting her up by her waist, he managed to get her out. The hostess and some other people were
already there to assist.
The medical team around took Nike and the other man inside the building for checking. The drunk man
was also being attended to.
After much discussion, the pool game continued. Deji retained his title.

EP 19
Whenever Deji needed some air when he was at the Williams, he would go to the cabin behind the garden. Same spot Aremu found him after he got wasted the previous night. Guests barely come over there. Deji felt it was a perfect get-away at a get-away occasion.
He sat on the grass resting his back on the wall. The air was fresh. He loved the atmosphere, the kind he was used to back then in the Palace. He would play hide-and-seek in the Palace’s garden with some of the chiefs’ children and even Aremu. How he loved garden! Ireti knows where to find her son whenever he was not in the palace at night. The young prince would sit on the well cut grass in the garden, while one of the King’s entourage praises him in his lineage. A privilege the Ooni gave him.
He remembered how he would sneak Nike into the palace without his parent knowing. His father wouldn’t have cared, but his mother was ‘all about Royals’. ‘’The royals roll with the royals’’ was her favourite quote. Deji wondered who first used the quote or his possessive mother was the originator. His mother had never liked Nike.
It took all his restraining powers not to kiss her as he raised her out of the pool. He found her more attractive than ever, and in spite of everything she made his heart race. No matter how desperately he attempted to deny it, the need to be with her was still there.
EP 20
Suddenly he became aware of heavy footsteps approaching him. He tilted his head a little bit as the footsteps got closer and stopped, his eyes met with the very person occupying his thoughts— Nike. They both stare at each other for a moment before he stood to his feet.
‘’Looking for me?’’ He asked jokingly.
‘’Yeah. I figured I haven’t thanked you for pulling me out of the water. I saw you walked down the garden from the balcony over there, I decided to come and see you.’’ Nike declared tilting her head towards one of hall balconies.
‘’You know you don’t have to’’ He said with his hand buried in his pockets. Trying to be calm. Funny how this lady’s presence still makes his pulse quickens after all these years.
‘’Actually, I do. You could have stayed back and watch me drown, but you didn’t. Did that mean you still care about me?’’ Her eyes were searching.
‘’Please don’t ask me that’’
‘’Yeah. Right. But thanks once again for today.’’ She simply said and turn to leave.
‘’Nike, I just….’’ Deji broke off and reached for her arms, drawing her close to face him.
His stare penetrated her and she looked down. She remembered the last time she was this close to him was ten years ago. His scent wastormenting her. She was in a dark and isolated spot with Deji Adelowo. Her first love.
Suddenly his mouth came down on hers. She welcomed him with an eagerness that marched his own.
They kissed with desperate hunger, as if all that time had never passed. As if this were their last chance to ever kiss again. It felt so wrong. No. It felt so right. It was reckless, crazy and dangerous. Yet, it felt like heaven.
She arched against him as one hand encircled her Bosom, fully cupping her, squeezing her. Desire coursed through her veins like a living thing. Instinctively she knew were this was leading and she was making no effort to stop it.
This was going to happen.
It seemed as if he had a hundred hands, for now one hand was sliding up her inner thigh, but her gown was causing an obstruction. He located the zipper at the back and pulled it down.
He was undressing her and she was doing absolutely nothing about it. She didn’t want him to stop. She didn’t care what they were doing. She wanted this to continue through to the end and savour every moment of it. Oh my, it felt so good.
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