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Banking Episode 11-12

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EP 11

We already talked about this, mom.’’ He responded.
Irritated with her son’s response, she said, ‘’we have, and we will continue talking about it until you do
the right thing. She is a daughter of one of the ED’s of your bank. This will help the career you have
chosen in the stead of managing some of your father’s business.’’
‘’I’m working on it mom.’’ He knew arguing with his mother would only worsen his migraine.
Most people thought of his mother as being cold and unfeeling. Deji had to admit that his mother
possessed an irritable size, but in her own way she loved him dearly. She always try to make decisions for
him whenever she feels it was needed. Not that Deji didn’t allow her to do so, but sometimes her
decision conflicts with his own wishes. And on these occasions, he stood his grounds.
Deji had to give credit to this mother for some of her well taken decisions. Hooking him up with Theresa
at the time when he was overly distracted with work was a perfect example. Theresa was perfect for him
he had to agree with this mother, but he could not just bring himself into taking the relationship to the
next level.
‘’You better. I want to see my grandchild.’’
There was rap on the door before it was opened. Aremu stepped in. they both turned to face him.
‘’Good… Good morning Ma.’’ He stuttered as he greeted Deji’s mother bowing his head a little. ‘’I’ll check
back.’’ He gestured at Deji.
‘’No, stay.’’ Ireti said. Turning to Deji, ‘’I’ll see you at the pool.’’

EP 12

Aremu shut the door behind him as Deji’s mother strode out of the room.

Sitting at the edge of the bed, Deji sighed. He poured himself another glass of water and gulped it down.
The migraine seemed to have subsided.
He tried to recall last night’s event, but Aremu interrupted his thoughts.
‘’I brought you here last night, or let me say, earlier this morning, when I found you at that little building
behind the garden. You were unusually wasted.’’ Aremu said trying to harass him.
Deji stared at him blankly before looking away. Judging from Aremu’s grimace, he knew his valet was
delighted about something.
Last night’s event started rushing back to him. He remembered how Nike had left him on the dance floor
after he said something she found unpleasant. Was it too much to ask if she had married the same
person she had cheated on him with? He didn’t think so. She had no ring on. Perhaps she got divorced.
Maybe. Just maybe. But what does it matter? He has nothing on her. She will all always be the cold-
hearted bitcch that broke his heart.
‘’Deji, are you still here?’’
Aremu’s question brought him back to reality. He rubbed his temple gently. ‘’I’m here,’’ he simply said.
‘’What happened to you last night?’’ Aremu inquired like an FBI agent. He was standing over his boss, hands in akimbo.
It was obvious his valet was in an FBI mood, but Deji wasn’t ready for that. ‘’ I don’t want to talk about
Aremu was more than a valet to Deji. He had been with the Adelowo’s family for years. His mother was
one of the queen’s mistresses. They both lived in the palace. The king allowed Aremu stayed with them
even after his mother’s death.
Aremu accepted Deji’s offer to come and live with him in Lagos after the
king’s demise. Since then he has been Deji’s valet. They were as close as two coats of paints.
‘’Fine. I’ll be at the opposite room if you need me. The room service here is amazing.’’ Aremu turned
around to exit the room.
He said in a low tone before closing the door behind him, ‘’that she still got a
hold on you after all these years is a mystery to me.’’
Deji heard him. He knew Nike was the reason he almost passed the night on a grass. His valet was right. She
still got a hold on him. Seeing her last night brought back a lot of memories. The good and the
unpleasant ones. Too bad the one he remembered the most was the not too good memories. Yeah. The
But the question is, can he ever get over her?

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